Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Follow-up to yesterday's post

While you're organizing, keep this in mind:

A Tip for Researchers Visiting Libraries, Archives, and Various
By Evie Bresette

I volunteer at the National Archives' Central Plains Region and it is surprising that researchers will leave notebooks and file folders filled with original documents and other important research. Most of these items that are left are not marked with the owner's name. We hold these materials for about one year in the "Lost and Found" box, but some of them are never claimed and we have to dispose of them. The archives will mail back the materials if they are marked with a name and address. Most people have a large supply of adhesive address labels. Keep a sheet of address labels with your genealogy work and when you go out to research, put one of these labels on every notebook. Most places will hold the materials if they are marked.

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