Wednesday, January 9, 2008


I keep running across suicides in my family. Sometimes not in the direct line, but brothers or sisters. I'm going to start keeping a list because I've got so many people in the database right now, I can't put my finger directly on the others when I stumble across one and think "Holy shi*t, there's another one!" And it's not exactly anything that you can get FTM to do a search on. And that's mostly after death certificates started being kept; who knows how many others there were before that?

Right now there are 6 I can think of right off--3 self-inflicted gunshot wounds and 3 hangings.

Kinda creepy.


Anonymous said...

The farthest I can go back on my Hardin tree is to Jarvis Frank Hardin, b. 1817. He married Hannah Thompson in Madison County, KY and moved to Hendricks County, IN. He served in the Mexican War and guess what? He committed suicide in 1839 by hanging himself in a tree at the side of the road. (At least, that's what a newspaper article said.)

I read a book years ago that examined family patterns, and it said that you can trace things like suicide, divorces, alcoholism, even workaholics back through your ancestry. My Swiss line seems to have too many divorces to be "normal." (given the years 1600-1900)

I was made aware of a Hardin characteristic when a correspondent stated that the Hardins were known for multiple births. At the time, it was merely interesting...until I learned that my Nancy Frances Hardin Lamb listed 14 live births in the 1910 census under "mother of how many children." We only knew of 9 children. After further digging, we have found 2 more children who were twins but died at birth and learned of rumors of multiple births where one twin died.