Friday, January 4, 2008


Into the Swamp!

Okay, so last night I was doing some backtracking on Hardins, trying to fill in some blanks, and while letting FTM v.16 do a search, who should pop up but--Ella M. AGEE of Chariton Co., MO, married to a Hardin.

Who, I asked, the heck is Ella M? So I ran a check and found she's the granddaughter of Powhattan Agee, and my 4th cousin 2x removed. She married Samuel Buckner Hardin.

So, having identified Ella, I set out to identify Samuel. Samuel turns out to be the son of Charles Buckner Hardin and Lunette Mosby.

Wait a minute, I said--Mosby. MosbyMosbyMosby. That's really familiar. Ran a check--and found that somewhere in the 1780s, Susannah Mosby married a Colonel Lipscomb. Their daughter Nancy Lipscomb was the second wife of Joseph B. Agee, a grandson of Matthieu ("The Immigrant") Agee, and is the 1st cousin 2x removed of Lunette Mosby Hardin.

Powhattan is the gg-grandson of Matthieu, through Joseph's older brother John.

I tried to sketch it out because it's a lot easier if you can look at the relationships, but the vertical lines disappeared when I published the post, darn it. My printer here isn't working, but I'll see if I can print the chart out, then scan it in as a photo, and insert it that way.

Future Chart Here

I'm not 100% positive on the Mosby dates, but census and death certificate verify the Hardins and Lunette, and the Agee line is pretty thoroughly researched. I haven't tracked Charles B. Hardin back yet, but I wouldn't be surprised if he turned out to be a descendant of Mark Hardin/Hardouin, who was, like Matthieu Agee, a French Huguenot immigrant. I don't *think* my Hardin line descends from Mark Hardin, but I'm still trying to learn if the Benjamin Hardin line is English and separate from the French Mark Hardin line.