Sunday, October 26, 2008

Back to the Browns

Harriet (Colville?) Brown, b. June 15, 1808, KY; m. Alexander Richard Brown abt 1836, KY (possibly Breckinridge Co.); d. 11 Jan 1873; buried in Hardin Cemetery, Ray County, Missouri.

I've been so busy knitting that I haven't done much genealogical work recently. Last night I piddled with it a little, and found that John H. Brown's mother, Harriet (Colville(?) Brown, is buried in the Hardin Cemetery in Ray County, Missouri.

This raises a number of questons:

1. Why is she buried in Ray County? She died in 1873; in the 1870 census, she was living with her three youngest sons in Carroll Co. (Ray is west of Carroll, which is west of Chariton Co.)

2. Is she, perhaps, buried near one of her daughters? Her husband is not listed as being buried in this cemetery. Her oldest and youngest sons, John and Colville, are buried in the Brown family cemetery in Chariton Co. Her son Alex is buried at the Confederate Home in Johnson Co. I don't know yet what happened to her other son, James Oscar. Her youngest daughter, Sarah, died in Texas. There were two other daughters, Elizabeth and Harriet; I haven't been able to find what became of them. Elizabeth was 22 in 1860 and Harriet was 18, both old enough to have been married. There are several 22-year-old Elizabeths who were born in Kentucky living in the area (Lafayette/Carroll/Ray) in 1860, but is one of them the right one?

3. Why isn't she buried beside her husband?

4. Where is her husband buried? Lafayette Co. or Carroll Co.?

I think the next step is to write to the Hardin Cemetery Association and see if the records show who she was buried beside. The cemetery was badly damaged in the 1993 flooding, but from what I gather from the website ( ) she appears to have been buried in an undamaged portion of the cemetery.