Saturday, February 27, 2010

I think it's worth checking out if you have an ancestor who was a Confederate soldier. Their Civil War documents collection is pretty good, and you can either sign up for a free trial to print things out, or you can (I think--we'll see how this works) sign up on a monthly basis for $12 a month. They give you the option of automatically charging your card every month or NOT--I chose "not." As I say, we'll see how opting out after a month goes.

As far as I can tell, they have all the CSA soldier records scanned in. For Union troops, they have Arkansas, Dakota, Georgia, Kentucky, Missouri, Nebraska, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, and Colored Troops.

Also available under their Civil War category is (among other things) the Civil War Pension Index, Civil War Widows Pensions, Confederate Amnesty Papers, Confederate Citizens File (vouchers filed by citizens and businesses with the Confederate govt. for services rendered--I found one from a 3x-great grandfather for hiring out a 4-horse team; I have to check dates to see what it's connected with). So far I've found records on 6 relatives, averaging about 20 pages each. Pretty good deal, I think

I haven't thoroughly explored the site yet. They have quite a miscellaney of material, though, so I think it's worth a look, and I think that it will be worth checking in on at intervals to see what new things they get.